13 of the biggest winnings in sports are betting

Classic sports winnings, bets at 10 cents, odds at 2 million, find the most improbable bets in history. From Lewis Hamilton to Xabi Alonso, they have made bettors win.
13 of the biggest winnings in sports are betting

The biggest sports winnings more precisely 13 of the biggest sports winnings are bets are not in the fabulous salaries of footballers or tennis players, but indeed in sports betting. The proof by 13!

13 of the biggest winnings in sports are betting

1. The Perpignanaise which signs the highest odds in history

10 euro cents, odds of 2 million, Perpignan wins 198 euros

On Thursday May 21, 2015, a woman from Perpignan signed one of the highest odds in the history of French sports betting: almost 2 million. This is only the number of her winnings, because the lucky winner had decided to play it safe, betting only… 10 euro cents, i.e. a gain of 198 euros.

To achieve this, the lucky girl had bet only a multi of fifteen football matches, but not on any championships. Forget the Premier League, the Bundesliga, or even Ligue 1. This lady from the Pyrénées-Orientales had bet on matches in the Slovenian, Norwegian, Romanian and Azerbaijani championships!

 2. Bet on the right horse

horse racing jockeys hippodrome

In the same vein, a Briton managed to do even better than the Frenchwoman, but not by much.

We all know the love of the English for horse racing. It is not Fred Craggs who will make us say the opposite. This Yorkshire resident bet 50 pound cents in 2008, on eight horses, including the improbable Racer Forever, Isn't That Lucky and A Dream Come True.

Result of the races, a winning bet and a gain of£1, for odds of exactly 2 million. Like what, in the world of bets, miracles are far from happening only once.

3. The Bordelais who makes the biggest Betclic win, by betting draws

He “spotted a trend”. This is how he will explain how in a month of online betting he achieved 890 euros winnings on Betclic. This is the biggest win in the history of sports betting for the bookmaker Betclic.

Jérôme, 23, realized this by noticing a series of draws in league 1, i.e. 6 draws on February 03, 2021. It was enough for him to bet on the same trend in the Bundesliga. A winning bet, since out of 7 matches bet as going to end in a draw, he won 6, ending his month of bets with a sum of 890 euros, which was added to what he had already pocketed .

4. John Pryke, and the bet of Premier League winner Leicester

Leicester Football Club Premier League Flag

As the English championship, vintage 2015-2016, is about to begin, a Foxes supporter is betting on his team's victory at the end of the season. A more than daring ante-post bet, when we know that the last victory of a team not part of the Big Four dates back to 1995 (with the exception of Manchester City), with the victory of Backburn Rovers.

To read to know more about the ante-post bet: Let's bet sports by understanding the types of sports bets

While he only played 20 pounds, John Pryke could have won 130 euros, if he had not yielded to the sirens of the bookmakers, who bought his bet with a cash out at 37 euros. It's always taken.

5. Grégory Caubet, the sports betting decathlete

Alianz Arena football stadium Munich red night

Betting on football seemed a bit boring to him, so Grégory Caubet, manager of a fitness center in Toulouse, thought he needed to spice it up a bit. To start, he bet on a Biathlon event, just to warm up. Then he returned to football, with the Portuguese championship.

He then had to leave the green fields for the floors of the basketball halls, then the tennis courts, before ending with the Bayern-Münich-Augsburg meeting. A meeting that will earn him the improbable gain of 399 euros.

But the adventure was not easy for the gambler. While he had bet Djokovic against Monfils, the French fortunately wasted several match points. In Porto, the team from the capital did not find the net until the end of the second half, and in Munich the dream almost came to an end.

While he bet on a victory for Munich, sparkling in the league and in the European Cup, the reigning German champions callent. Augsburg scores a goal in the 86thth minute, which is finally disallowed for an offside position. Finally, Bayern scores, and delivers the supporters who came to attend the 120th anniversary of the club, and Grégory Caubet, to whom Winamax presents a historic check as soon as they leave the stadium.

6. France did not win the 2018 World Cup

Start in the World Cup, bet 80 euros, and leave with 259 euros, this is what an online betting novice managed to do.

Heated by the organization of the 2018 World Cup, he registered on Winamax and, with the welcome bonus, bet 80 euros in a combination of 12 matches, not the easiest. The novice thought that betting on pool matches would be the right business.

The 12 matches unfold exactly as he bet them, and wins the sum of 259 euros. The winner of the 000 World Cup is not France, it's him, and from the group stages.

7. A bet boosted by Winamax, and 306 euros in winnings

It's not the biggest odds in history, but at 15 to one, it can already impress. This is what this winner of a combined offering 974.88 football matches spread over seven championships, including the Turkish and Swiss championships, has achieved.

Faced with the low chances of success of the bet, Winamax offered the player a booster of 115 euros, which enabled him to pocket the handsome sum of 306 euros.

8. A prop bet at 25 pounds

Newbury town resident Adrian Hayward bet in the 2006 Premier League season opener that Xabi Alonso was going to score from his own half at some point in the Championship.

It was in the FA Cup that Adrian Hayward's gamble paid off, with Xabi Alonso scoring from his own half in the Luton goal. After one bet at 200 pounds, Hayward had just won a bet at 125 to 1.

9. The Maltese who just bet a combined 19 football matches

With odds of 683 to 738, the £ 0.80 bet by an inhabitant of the island of Malta, brought him the tidy sum of £585. A victory that he owes to the 38 teams involved in his bets. To make the suspense last, his last game was that of Liverpool against Chelsea.

A victory for the Reds, sealed in the last minutes of play, allowed him to achieve this absolutely incredible feat, and win the bet.

Repeat offenders and the expert

If after reading the details of all these wins you still think the bet is just a matter of luck, wait until you read the crazy bets of these seasoned gamblers.

Two players, poker experts, exchange at a gaming table

10. Win the most unlikely combos twice

This is exactly what succeeded F. Aymen, a Frenchman who stripped Winamax and Unibet, one after the other, and without cash-out.

The story takes place in 2018. A bettor has just validated two sports bets for a total sum of € 326 ; two bets made in the same week with two different bookmakers. A feat that relativizes the lucky nature of his successes.

By betting a total of 150 euros, F. Aymen first decided to play 13 combined matches for the sum of 100 euros, on Winamax. The matches are classic, with Ligue 1 Conforama matches.

Once 172 euros of winnings from this first combination, F. Aymen thought he could do it again, by betting 50 euros on Unibet, for a combined 14 games. With a first odds at Winamax at 1 to 723, then a second odds at Unibet at 1 to 2, the lucky bettor added 154 euros to his record.

To him the 326 euros in winnings, which would have passed him under the born, if a goal in the 000th minute of additional time between Genoa and AC Milan, did not come to prove him right…

11. Playing the odds, by betting…against her father and her husband

This is what a woman from Seine-et-Marne did. How did this woman, who knows nothing about football, manage to win? By using the ancestral technique of contradiction. By betting the exact opposite of her husband's bets, a football specialist. Result : 593 euros.

Ligue 1 matches, Premier League matches, the young woman bets the exact opposite of her husband's grids. 14 matches played combined, with a one in three chance in each match: that's the jackpot. Paris draws at the Parc against Monaco, Nantes passes 2 goals to Saint-Etienne, and Dijon wins against Lille!

On this day in January 2020, she only repeated a technique that she had already experienced. Since by playing the exact opposite of the grids of her husband, and of her father, she had already won 40 euros.

Like what, the real specialist is her.

12. The tip bettor

Do you often bet large sums to win a lot of money? Drop. Mick Gibbs, is the one who placed two winning bets, two years apart, betting only £ 2,50then £ 0.30.

The first, in 1999, is a combined nine football matches. Having seen it right, he then collected the sum of £157. He didn't stop there. Like Aymen and our little lady from Seine-et-Marne before him, he played again. In 2001, for a bet of 30 cents, he played a combination of no less than 15 events, to transform his bet into £500. We are talking about events and not matches. Because this incredible bettor has found it right:

  • Champions League winner,
  • The winner of each of the five English professional championships,
  • The winner of Scotland's three worst divisions,
  • The winner of the English rugby championship,
  • The winner of the English cricket championship.

Do you think you could have done it?

13. The Expert's Eye

Karting Lewis Hamilton

In 1993, Richard Hopkins, an Englishman from Peterborough, took his son go-karting. On the circuit, trains the young Lewis Hamilton, then only 13 years old.

As he watches him perform on the circuit, Hopkins decides to go to the punters and place £ 200 on a Grand Prix victory for the young man before he turned 23. He didn't stop there, with a bet to £ 100 for a victory of the same Hamilton in the world championship this time, before his 25th birthday.

To maximize all of his bets, he again placed £ 50 on the realization of these two events. The odds for these respective bets were then 300 to 1, 500 to 1, and 1500 to 1. Exactly 10 years later, in 2008 and at the age of 23, Hamilton fulfilled Hopkins' predictions, winning him the sum of £165.

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